What Is Your Mental State? Facts, Faith and Truth

In the past two years we have seen life across our world be thrown into upheaval.  Covid, political riots, crime, sky-rocketing prices, globalist trying to put every country in the world under their thumb…not to mention the wild ride your life probably has been.

Abraham and Sarah had a promise from God, but that promise was a long time in coming.  Life went on without an answer of why God was taking so long. In fact they never got the answer for “why.”  Abraham and Sarah both saw their condition but they thought differently about it.

Abraham saw that his and Sarah’s bodies were beyond childbearing years. They had no kids and yet God promised them a child.  In Romans 4:19 we see Abraham accepted this fact, but he did NOT lose faith, but was strengthened in his faith!  Why? He fully believed God had the power to fulfill His promise to them.  He gave glory to God, in other words, he spoke words of thankfulness and gratitude to the Lord and others reminding them that God will do what He promised.

The “fact” was they were too old to have children.  The “truth” was God had promised them a child.  His “faith” was focused on the “Truth” not on the natural fact that outside of God’s help it was impossible.  Therefore, Abraham’s mental state was one of joy and hope.

Sarah’s mental state was not that same as Abraham’s.  Her mental state was one of hopelessness and defeat.  This caused her to make a choice she regretted for the rest of her life.  In Gen. 16:1-2 we see Sarah overwhelmingly focused on the “fact” of her natural condition, even blaming God and refusing to give Him glory for His promise.  Because she was focused on the natural “fact” and not the higher spiritual “truth” she had no faith for God and His promise to her.

She gives her maidservant to Abraham out of desperation for a child, planning to build her family through Hagar’s womb.  This one decision driven by desperation caused unceasing trouble in the years ahead for their family.  Sarah refused to count God as worthy to keep His promise, she was not strengthened in her faith.  Her mental state did not have joy and hope, instead it was full of overwhelming thoughts of herself and her problems.

Where are you at today?  Are you focusing on what that “facts” are in your life?  We are NOT denying those realities, BUT what does God’s Word have to say?   What is His Holy Spirit whispering to your heart?  Find the promise of God…even the one in Psalm 23 that in the “dark valleys” of our lives we don’t need to despair or fear, for He our Great Shepherd is with us where ever we are and has His presence as “light in the dark valley, He has table overflowing with His grace and provision that we need; so that even in the dark valley off life we can rest by still waters and green pastures….because He is faithful.

Set your thoughts and emotions and set them on the “Truth” of God, give glory to God, count Him as willing and able to answer your needs and be strengthened in your faith and mental state…it may keep you from making a mistake your regret for the rest of your life.