The Need of the Holy Spirit

Do we need more highly programmed services? Do we need more organized structures in our church? What is it that the church needs to be more “relevant?” What does it look like in a service when the Holy Spirit is active and at work in worship, the Word and fellowship? These are questions as a pastor that I wrestle with.

One thing seems certain we need the activity of the Spirit. He brought life in Genesis and does in the Spirit world today. There was something about people who were Spirit-filled in the Early Church. Out of that came much great preaching, teaching, evangelism and discipleship.

I believe it is through the activity of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life that enables that person to live out Jesus’ words “love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.” We must be peculiar people, we are “relevant” when we offer them (the world) the answer they truly need…..Jesus.

You see Jesus wins in a person’s life. When Jesus is exalted and a person humbles themselves before Him…..true life and strength come in. In our world today the Holy Spirit exalts Christ Jesus. We must be people of the Spirit to glorify Jesus.

You and I need to be filled with His Spirit, pray in/with Spirit language, we must move in the Gifts of the Spirit as Paul says we should “eagerly desire the gifts.” Then live in the Fruit and the power of the Spirit. Then we must quit living for ourselves and find out how to be a “friend of sinners” just like Jesus was, bringing the light and power and life of the Spirit to a dead world.