The Mission Of Christ In Us And Through Us

In Luke 4:18-19 Jesus outlines His ministry purpose:

  1. Preach Good News
  2. Proclaim freedom for prisoners
  3. Recovery of sight to the blind
  4. Release the oppressed
  5. Proclaim the Lord’s favor.

When Jesus walked the earth He certainly accomplished these things, setting people free both spiritually and physically. All along the way He preached the truth that God’s Kingdom was here then He demonstrated that by having compassion on people.

On His way to the Cross in which He would pay for the sins of the world and take all sickness and disease upon Himself, He left a pattern of ministry for us to follow. You may say, ” I can’t do the same ministry that He did, He was the Son of God.” But let me ask you a question:

Did Jesus’ ministry purpose end when He ascended? In other words did Jesus stop doing sharing the Good News? Did He stop setting people free ……? No, in fact Jesus still does those things today. He does these things who are united to Him through faith.

Where is Jesus now, yes at the right hand of the Father, but also with us. He said He would be with us forever, but not only with us, but IN us. God has found a way to multiply the ministry of Jesus millions of times over. Through the indwelling Christ in each believer, Jesus can continue the same ministry He did on earth, after all “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

You simply need to believe that God is in you and wants to reach out though you to those who are lost in darkness, to those who hate religion, to the indifferent and so on. Paul tells us we are co-laborers with Christ, isn’t time we join Him? Isn’t time we believe that Christ in us is the hope of glory and that He will use a yielded person who believes. Challenge yourself, if you read about in Jesus ministry on earth than it can still happen today through you. As Jesus said, “have faith in God.”

Take a risk; touch the world with His love, life and power