Missing Plane/Missing Lives

As we all follow the news story about the missing Malaysian airplane, I took note of my own hopes and wishes about the outcome and the destiny of those on board and their families. When this first came out in the news we all assumed the plane dashed into the ocean somehow and somewhere. Now this is still a possibility, but at that point in the beginning I was starting to grasp the hopelessness that the families must have been feeling. Answers were not available to deep questions that people had.

Following this assumption was the idea that the plane was hi-jacked and taken to someplace else. This I notice brought a hope in me. A hope that maybe everybody on board the plane was still alive and would eventually make it back home to their families. I imagined the hope that may have begun to shine in those people who had already conceded to the idea that their loved ones were lost forever.

So, from hopelessness to a possible hope or fragment of hope. Now a report comes in that off the Australian coast there is possible wreckage. The questions swirls in my head, “was the plane hi-jacked” and were they unable to make it to a safe landing spot, did the plane run out of fuel? And once again I find my mindset losing hope that there will be any survivors.

With the worldwide attention and effort we see that human life is full of dignity and value. We care about the ones who may be lost to us forever. We care about the families that may never see their loved ones again. Why do we value life so much?? Is life truly important and where does each person get their worth and value from? Why suffering and human tragedy? Why are we spending so much time and so many resources to find these people? The answer simply is because THEY ARE IMPORTANT.

This is vastly different than the animal world, to often humans are labeled as animals, but we never were and never will be. We are created in the image of God. Just as it is in the nature of our Creator to “save” those who are lost, to spend time and resources to save those who need help, so it is in us. For we are made in His image and likeness and bear His heart toward mankind and all creation. This is why we hope, hurt and find the determination to press forward in difficult circumstances. We know intrinsically the value of every human life.