Feeling Lost?

Heath Adamson in his book The Bush Always Burns, makes a statement, “just because you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean your lost.  Joseph was in solitude and darkness in Pharaoh’s dungeon, but he was far from lost.”

When Jesus is Lord of our lives it is a certainty that we won’t always know “why” or even “what” is happening in our lives.  To lose our lives for His sake is to actually find our lives, Jesus tells us.  But we “lose” before we “find”  It is in these times that we learn to trust our Lord and let our faithfulness to Him be demonstrated.

Yes, Joseph struggled in the prison and yes he tried to orchestrate his own way out.  We often can feel lost, alone, forgotten by others and by God, but the reality is we are never forgotten by God.  He was with Joseph in his pit and loneliness and He is with us too.  Trials are the fire by which God tests our faith and matures our relationship with Him.

Joseph was getting ready to “find” his life.  Like Joseph we must continue to be faithful to God.  That doesn’t mean we won’t struggle or be weak at times but keep your faith alive, God has more for you.

Talk to Him, be honest like David was in the Psalms, but through it all draw on His love and strength that He has for you.  We won’t always feel lost, for at times He leads us through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and at other times He leads us to the green pastures and still waters.  Even the Valley can be beautiful when you focus on Jesus and what He has provided for you.

When you are feeling lost redirect your attention and heart toward Jesus and draw near to Him with all your heart.  He will sustain you.