Death and Resurrection

This is the wonderful time of year where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It is this fact alone that stands out to prove the Christian faith, that validates Jesus claims to be God and to be the exclusive way to the Father.

If Christ did not raise then we are hopeless in our faith and fools even more. But He did rise. God entered space, time and history in the person of Jesus Christ and left a historical trail of evidence for His life, death and resurrection.

Why did He die? Why did He give up His life? Because all of humanity was under the the curse of sin and death. Every person was sentence to eternal punishment. We were condemned (John 3:18,36) For what? Falling short of God’s glory and living in sin. A holy God by nature judgment against sin was necessary.

In fact the truth is that is was the Holiness of God that motivated His love to provide a sacrifice in our behalf. He was and is and will judge sin. God desired a way to deliver people from this reality.

In the Old Covenant He provided a lifestyle of laws to live by to attain righteousness and He provided animal sacrifices that would temporarily cover the sins of people. But a better Covenant was designed by Him that would do away with the problem of sin. He sacrificed His Son Jesus. Jesus lived a life that completely pleased God and was still punished for our sins (Isaiah 53.) He took our punishment so we could have peace.

This peace is only accessed by our faith in Christ. (Romans 5:1-3, Rom. 4:4-8) Jesus will stand as the judge of the world one day (Acts 17:31) But as a person puts their belief/faith in Jesus Christ they have forgiveness of their sins, peace with God and eternal life

Read John 3:15–21 and be blessed, ask God to show you Himself as you look for Him. Look in His Word the Bible, seek Him and you will find Him. He has revealed Himself as a loving God who is dying to save this world.