Courage to Move Forward

September 2014. This month holds two major events for us as a body of believers at CLC. First our outreach event the: Freeport Family Festival. Second a move to the local theater for our Sunday Service.

Even now thinking about these I feel my inside get nervous. Maintaining the status quo is so much more comfortable. Taking a risk, to move forward and not knowing all the answers to the question that we have, and not being sure of what questions will arise that will need to be answered is disturbing.

I read a devotional in the paper today from a local Pastor. It was talking about the “eyes of faith” that Joshua and Caleb had. He says: “It is only when our resources are not capable of handling the situation we are in that we realize we need someone bigger, stronger, and far wiser than we are. That’s when we need to push the God button….repeatedly.”

This is where I am. Needing to believe God and His faithfulness to lead us to new places, new people, and seeing new leadership. Believing God is able to raise up servant-hearted people to minster with Him in all kinds of situations.

Today, I am finding peace in understanding that when things are bigger than my abilities, wisdom and skill, that just maybe Jesus is building His church, and I get the privilege of seeing Him work, instead of me working. “Unless the Lord builds the house the laborers, labor in vain.”

As the pastor said it is time to “pray hard for a faith like Joshua and Caleb.