About Doug

My wife Julie and I have been married since 1996 and we have four children. I was raised in the Assemblies of God and I have been serving as pastor of a small AG church in Decorah Iowa since 2008.

I have a passion for evangelism but this was not always true about me in my life.  For years I struggled with being embarrassed about my faith.  When I begin to learn WHAT I believed and WHY I believed it, I began to get more confident in my faith.  Apologetics and reasoning became important to me and helped me share my faith in Jesus.

Starting in 2005 I begin to strongly desire the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the power of God in my witness of Christ.  I saw the need for people to experience Jesus in their lives as well as having a head knowledge about Him.  I began to follow people around in stores trying to get my courage up to pray for them and to believe for the miraculous.  I struggled with disappointment when I didn't see the miracle and celebrated when I did.  I have learned and still am learning how to walk this faith life out as a disciple of Jesus and I am absolutely convinced that this is what Jesus has called us to do.

I carry a strong conviction and concern that our churches and our people need to prioritize the presence of the Holy Spirit in our services above the presence of people.  That is we should not be ashamed of the Holy Spirit or His work.  It is the work of the Holy Spirit that brings testimony to Jesus and brings conviction to the heart of people to repent and follow Jesus in faith.  The disciples we make for Jesus must know and understand the Word of God but they must also know and understand the Holy Spirit and His work.

We are to carry the presence and power of God outside of our services to the people we encounter in our daily lives. Jesus set the model of ministry and then instructed the 12 and the 70 to follow what He did.

The struggle to believe God for the miraculous is real but it is a worthy struggle.  God will back up His Word today... for those who believe He will.

We are living in an hour where we must create disciples that both declare and demonstrate the Kingdom of God in our witness of Jesus.  In Matthew 24:14 Jesus declares that "the Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached in the whole world."  It's time to start having faith in God once again for His presence and power wherever we are at...for He is truly the same yesterday, today and forever.  May He preach the good news, free the captives, give sight to the blind and free the oppressed, though you and through me.

Take a risk: touch the world with His love, life and power