Month: March 2014

3 Baptisms

In our Wed. night study we ended up talking about Spirit baptism. I was again encouraged by going through the Scriptures in the Book of Acts and seeing how important Jesus and the Apostle made Spirit Baptism. Jesus tells the Apostles to wait in Jerusalem until they have been baptized into the Holy Spirit. In … [Read More]

Missing Plane/Missing Lives

As we all follow the news story about the missing Malaysian airplane, I took note of my own hopes and wishes about the outcome and the destiny of those on board and their families. When this first came out in the news we all assumed the plane dashed into the ocean somehow and somewhere. Now … [Read More]

Why I am trying this

Well here I am starting a blog. I guess I am a pretty good “starter” but sometimes not so good at following through. The reason for this blog is to share my thoughts on life and faith and to give access to those who may be interested in what I have to think. My goal … [Read More]